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Vip Registration Has Over 45,000 Vehicles Mostly Rental Fleet Vehicles & Clean Titles

Upgraded to Premier V.I.P Registration Package!
Premier Vip Registration Package

Unlock and discover more than 45,000 additional direct insurance vehicle listings with a VIP Registration. The VIP Premier Registration package allows you to view and purchase an unlimited number of insurance vehicles within a one year period (regular fees apply). All payments and fees are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Access to over 45,000 additional direct insurance vehicles (70,000+ vehicles in total).

Geico, Allstate, StateFarm, Progressive and Chubb Group Insurance vehicles available.

Exclusive auctions and Insurance vehicle not found on any other competing sites.

Elimination of our "Bid Fee" that saves you $199 on every invoice.

No charges on Wire Transfer fees.

Unlimited space for saving vehicles on your watchlist.

Unlimited purchases within a year. Unlimited bids.

Reduced rates for all transportation and shipping of vehicles as recommended

Better Prices, Less competition on vehicles

Dealers, Exporters, Junk Yards, Rebuilders Save on Registration Fees Register with us start bidding.



Premier Registration Terms of Use

I Agree to the Terms & Conditions of GAA Brokers Inc., Global Auto Auctions Premium (VIP) Customer and Dealer Registration. The Global Auto Auctions Premium (VIP) Registration is a yearly registration fee which is non-refundable. It allows the buyer access to another 15,000 to 45,000 vehicles on a weekly basis. These vehicles are not offered on competition sites; these vehicles cannot be re listed or re nigged on. In the event customers commit to placing bids, all sales are final. Our agreements in this section with the insurance salvage pool are strict and irrevocable. Our licensed and bonded dealers are obligated to these vehicles, and vehicles must be paid in order to maintain our bidding privileges. Salvage Pools can ban us from submitting future offers and our licenses are costly. You agree not to dispute the charge under any circumstance, we urge our customers to visit the site twice a day as the data changes. We want to avoid customers placing a charge back just because they did not see a vehicle they were interested in at that given moment. Our administration is very animate about this section and also feels very confident that we do offer the best prices on the market, especially if customers are open minded and bid on multiple vehicles. We also offer three other packages which consist of the following:

Silver Package $69.99

Gold Package $89.99

Platinum Package $124.99

By funding this section whether bank wire, bank check,  orcredit card, you agree NOT to dispute your credit card authorization dollars buy gaining access to these vehicles in this section of . A sizeable amount of inventory is already offered in our Free registration section; you are under no obligation to use this section of the site. Maintaining the data, is costly and there are strict policies in this section prior to us submitting your bid to the insurance companies. This registration will automatically renew each year and Buyer will be charged a non-refundable annual renewal fee unless the subscription is canceled before the next scheduled payment and or the amount of the package which they have chosen whether silver, gold or platinum.

In order for your bid to be placed a 20% deposit will need to be wired or mailed via bank check prior to your offer being placed and prior to the vehicle sale date. In the event you decide not to take the vehicle, your administration will have to fund the 80% difference and place the vehicle up for sale the following week. If the vehicle sells for the same amount we will refund your 20% deposit, if it does not we will only attempt one more run at it, and recoup company funds as quickly as possible the following week. We are not in the business of carrying inventory. Our selection is the best, please Do NOT dispute your charge prior to speaking to our agents so they can address your issue. Contact us Toll Free 1 800 406 6221

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