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How to Win

How to Win

Upgrade to Premier or add a deposit.

Securing your buying power will allow you to bid as high as you need to.

Please Bid On Multiple Vehicles.

Placing bids on multiple vehicles increases our chances of winning a vehicle for you.

Most Insurance companies have minimum reserves that need to be met before they award a vehicle.

Add to Watchlist.

Add as many vehicles to your watch list and our experienced agents will contact you to discuss your best option.

You will also get an email reminder prior to auction day on vehicle coming up for sale.

Do Not Get Discouraged.

Experienced buyers bid on hundreds of vehicles and only purchase a few. We have countless competitors bidding on the same vehicles.

We urge our customers to bid online on similar vehicles this helps increase our agents chances of acquiring a vehicle for you.

We also offer BUY NOW vehicles that are available for instant purchase. 

We do not control the minimum bid requirements by the insurance companies. 



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