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Nashville, Tennessee

Quick Specs
Make: Ferrari
Color: xxxxxx
Year: 2013
Body Style: Convertible
Model Detail: California
Engine: 4.3L DOHC V8 W
  • Make: FERRARI
  • Year: 2013
  • Model Detail: CALIFORNIA
  • Color: xxxxxx
  • Body Style: CONVERTIBLE
  • Engine: 4.3L DOHC V8 W
  • Mileage: 23,626 - Not Actual
  • Stock Number: I30094029
  • VIN #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Primary Damage: None
  • Doc Type: Tennessee - CLEAR
  • Cylinders: xxxxxx
  • Notes: xxxxxx
  • Fuel: xxxxxx
  • Keys: xxxxxx

PLEASE REMEMBER: Even though the auction might state that the keys are present, they are frequently lost or stolen and are not gauranteed to come with your purchase. We are not responsible for lost/misplaced/stolen keys.

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